Your new web site is now setup.  If you have content that is moving from another location, please email the HelpDesk if you need help moving the content to the new site.

Your website is setup and just needs the code to be added.  Please place your code into the proper folder in the following Share Point.

Place your Web files (htm, and ASP's and so forth) in their proper structure into the
\Web Folder

Place your Components(DLL's) into the \Components Folder, if your web site will need different DLL code for Certification and Production create one folder called \Components\Cert and one folder called \Components\Prod under that and place the appropriate DLL's there.


Following is the information you will need to administer your site:

·         URL of your production web site -

·         URL of your Certification web site

·         URL of the Shared Server Publishing Tool -

·         URL for your web site's usage statistics -


Other Useful Information


·          Share name and path to your log files -


·          Chevron Web Publishing Standards -

·          Web Developers Community of Practice -


·         GAP web site -


*  If this is a FrontPage web site, use the FrontPage 2001 Explorer to manage your site.


Subscribing to Outage Notifications

Shared Server has an outage maintenance window every Thursady night from 8:30pm to 11:30pm, PST.  This doesn't mean the server or application is taken down every Friday for three hours.  Usually, the typical maintenance is a quick reboot to refresh memory or a reboot after the installation of an update.  Please subscribe to outage notifications for your server or application by going to the CEMS (Change Events Management System) web site and subscribe to the resource your application is hosted on.  To subscribe to the resource, click the following link to go into CEMS.  As a first time user to CEMS, you may be asked to enter your ChevronTexaco I.D. or CAI.


1.  Click the URL,

2.  Click "Resource Subscription"

3.  Click "Server"

4.  Type in the "Server Name" listed above

5.  Click "Submit"

6.  Click the checkbox to the left of the server name

7.  Type in your ChevronTexaco I.D. or CAI in the email box (you can also type in other users following each one by a semicolon ; or a group email I.D.)

8.  Click "Submit" and exit CEMS.


You will now receive notifications whenever an outage or update is needed for your application.  If for any reason you need to change contact information for your application, please send an email note to SSWEBNT.


Production Support

Now that your site is ready for production, your analyst will be reassigned to other projects.  There are a couple of options to contact GAP for production support.  For configuration requests, you can send a note to the Shared Server Exchange inbox called, "SSWEBNT".  The box is monitored by several analysts from 7:00am to 5:00pm PST or 9:00am to 7:00pm CST, M-F.  For non-core hour configuration requests or emergencies you can open a ticket with the helpdesk and have it sent to the Shared Server Vantive inbox called, "Shared_Server-Webnt".  For emergencies, make sure the helpdesk analyst sets the ticket priority to RUSH, which will ensure the ticket is brought to the Shared Server oncall analyst immediately.


Shared Server Publishing Tool


Use this tool to move your code from the staging area to the Certification area so that you can view your code and test it to make sure all is okay.  You can only move Web pages, if you have DLL's you will need to either create a Vantive Ticket or send an email to SSWEBNT.


SiteServer URL:

Publishing Tool FAQs:


Publishing Content from Staging to Certification or Certification to Production


When you make changes to your site and you want to publish your site from the staging share to certification or certification to production, please use the methods described in the "Production Support” section listed above.  If you are publishing new components, these will have to be stress tested before they are published to production.


Web Site Usage Reports


Your web site has been setup to provide usage reporting. The information is displayed in a calendar format and provides reports by day, week, month, quarter and summary. The dates which are highlighted in blue have information available. The reporting tool utilizes the IIS log files to compile the information into a database. Once the report runs against the log files, the log files are moved to a "processed" directory where they are no longer needed by the tool. To assist you in maintaining the log files which can take up a large amount of disk space, the log files are purged automatically after 120 days (4 months) of creation. If you would like to store the files for a longer period of time (6 months, 8 months, 10 months and 12 months) or to not purge the files at all, please let us know. A share has been created to provide access to the log files located in the "processes" directory


To access the usage reporting for your web site, please click on the following link.




Hit Counters


If you want to use hit counters, and have paid for the service, we have created a virtual directory to standard shared server counters.   To use the counters, click the following link and copy and paste the code for the counter style you are interested in using.


Thank You